With six races completed and the first discard already effective, the Argentine crew of Mateo Ronchi and Valentino Lancon are at the top of the ranking with a 10 point gap over the second boat, crewed by Jamie Harris and Antonia Wilkinson. Mateo won 2 of the six races, finished second in another two, fourth in one and has discarded the 34th place he got in race 2. Jamie, who had been leading the ranking up to race 5, climbed down to second place, after excluding their 9th in race 1.

Among the girls, the first boat crewed by two ladies is "The great escape", with Cara Bland at the helm and Ines Green crewing, who were the leaders at the end of the first day of races, but dropped to fifth overall after finishing 39th and 24th in races 4 and 5 respectively.

Right in the middle of the event, the top ten is shared by four boats representing the host county, 5 from UK and one from Australia. Notwithstanding Mateo's ample advantage, there's nothing 100% sure yet, and everything can happen.

Among the sailors in the promotional fleet, the difference in points between the first two boats is not as big; however, the leaders -local sailors Julian Finsterbusch and Ignacio Stern-, have been gaining confidence and consolidaing in their position, having won two races, and finishing second in three others, and excluding a 7th in race 2. In second place the crew of Angus Collingridge and Emilia Green have accummulated 10 points.

Yesterday's races were sailed in scorching conditions, in a breeze of 8 to 10 knots. The starts of both races, not only in the World Fleet but also in the Promotional Regata, were made in the first attempt with Papa flag and clear lines. The races took place with no major incinveniences except for two course changes: one to shorten the course of the first race and the other due to a change of direction to compensate the current.

Back on shore the preparations for the New Year's Eve party, to which all participants had been invited, had already started. The dinner / party is organised by the Championship Organising Committee with the cooperation of many club members and parents of the members of the Argentine delegation.

Photo gallery of the third day of races by Jorge Cousillas: http://cadetworld2016.com.ar/fotos1.php?folder=fotos311216

Results can be viewed in the following links:

World Championship: http://cadetworld2016.com.ar/Resultados/resultados6a.html

Promotional Regatta: http://cadetworld2016.com.ar/Resultados/promo-R6.html


The Cadet is a boat for two crews, both under 18.

The 50th Cadet World Championship is organised by the Club Náutico Albatros with the support of the Cadet Argetine Association, under the authority of the International Cadet Class Association. The event started on December 26th and goes on till January 4th. There are 61 participating crews from 8 countries (UK, Germany, Czech Republic, Australia, Netherlands, Belgium, Uruguay and Argentina), of which 55 take part in the World Championship (closed event, boats have to qualify to participate) and 6 in the Promotional Regatta (a paralell open event, no qualification required).