The sailing activities at the club were resumed on Monday 2nd, after a day of relax that included tours around the Delta and barbecue. The heat and sun had given in a little and, even when temperatures were still high, sailors were able to sail the course in a cooler breeze. The wind strenght increased a little, and allowed for the heavier crews to move a bit faster around the course.

The vessel that took our guests to tour around the Delta

The first race of the day (number 7 of the championship) started with a light 9-knot breeze from the Souht East, with gusts reaching 12 knots, and the course was set with a beat of 0.45 nautical miles, which allowed the first boat to sail and finish the course in 47 minutes. The race was started with flag U in the second attempt, and 10 boats were scored UFD. Hattie and Hamie Collingridge, from Great Britain, were the first to cross the finish line, followed by Victor Ripainsel and Kobe Stroobandt from Belgium. Santiago Plantie and Matías Finsterbusch, from Argentina, finished in third place, climbing up to third place in the overall ranking. The current leader, Mateo Ronchi, crossed the line in fifth position, which still allowed him to be in first place in the ranking.

As for Jamie Harris, the best British sailor and second overall at the end of the third day of races, had to abandon the race due to a break in the jib halyard and subsequent fall of the mast. However, once the mast had been placed in position and the cable had been repaired, Jamie proved beyond any possible doubt that he was still fighting for the title: he sailed race number 8 to his very best and finished in first place. Having discarded the DNF and having Mateo finished the race in 32nd, Jamie was atop the fleet once again.

Among the promotional fleeters, sailing conditions were similar, with Argentine sailors Tomás Otero Billiet and Lautaro Kakias winning their second race, while Argentine crew Finsterbusch / Stern -leaders so far- finished fourth.

The second race of the World Championship had to be sarted with black flag and one boat was scored BFD. The promotional fleet, on the other hand, was started with P in the first attempt. The wind continued blowing at 9 knots, gusty, which allowed both fleets to complete the course in an average of 45 minutes.

Santiago Plantie, who has now become the first Argentine crew 5 points behind Harris, crossed second, and the Collingridges, who are now fifth in the ranking, crossed in third position, right behind Plantie.

As for the social activities, the delegation from UK hosted the Country evening, treating everybody with a glass of Pimm's, a local sangria made with the Pimm beverage, fruit and lemonade.

Photo gallery of the third day of races by Jorge Cousillas: http://cadetworld2016.com.ar/fotos1.php?folder=fotos020117

Results can be viewed in the following links:

World Championship: http://cadetworld2016.com.ar/Resultados/resultados8d.html

Promotional Regatta: http://cadetworld2016.com.ar/Resultados/promo-R8.html


The Cadet is a boat for two crews, both under 18.

The 50th Cadet World Championship is organised by the Club Náutico Albatros with the support of the Cadet Argetine Association, under the authority of the International Cadet Class Association. The event started on December 26th and goes on till January 4th. There are 61 participating crews from 8 countries (UK, Germany, Czech Republic, Australia, Netherlands, Belgium, Uruguay and Argentina), of which 55 take part in the World Championship (closed event, boats have to qualify to participate) and 6 in the Promotional Regatta (a paralell open event, no qualification required).