It seems like yesterday when we first opened the race office, when the first delegations began to arrive, when we posted the first announcements in the ONB.... the days went by too quickly and we are still bewildered by the fact that the championship has already come to an end. An end with fullfilled dreams for some, frustrations that will soon become challenges for others, and the satisfaction of a well done duty for those who had been working in this project for two years, giving shape to their dreams and bringing them to life in an unforgettable event. Foreign delegations enjoyed our hospitality and willingness to make them fill at home; and the proffessionalism with which we handled the event, both on the water and on shore. We have every reason to be proud of the first top level international event organised by the Club Náutico Albatros.

As announced on the previous day, when races had to be abandoned due to foul weather, the last day of races had the Delta flag - signalling that all boats could leave the boat park and sail to the race area - displayed at 10:30, with an aim to start the first race at 12:00. However, the wind did not appear till past midday and only at 12:59 did the Race Committee manage to start the first race of the day. Unfortunately two Czech sailors that were training near the windward mark failed to arrive in time at the back of the starting line before the last minute of the procedure and were scored UFD. The Westerly light breeze continued through the duration of the race and Jamie Harries proved once more that he is a skillful sailor, he understood the current and general conditions of the race area and read them as if he had been sailing on the Rio de la Plata forever. Local crews headed by Plantie and Ronchi didn't do as well as they would have liked to, finishing 6th and 7th respectively. On the contrary Hattie Collingridge crossed the line in second, which helped her climb to the third position in the ranking (at list temporarily), not only because of the punctuation by itself but also because it improved the average given to her in race 6 following a request of reddress. The fair winds forced the RC to put the blue flag in the finish line down 20 minutes after the first boat had crossed the line (in acord to the Sailing Instructions), leaving near 20 boats withouth the possibility to finish the race, and scored DNF.

The second race was started at 15:46 with U flag in the first attempt. The wind kept on blowing from the same direction, but increased its strenght, reaching 8/9 knots. Santiago Plantie crossed the line in first place but this was not enough for him to conquer the top, since Jamie finished in third position and secured gold. As for Mateo Ronchi, leader of the fleet till race 7, his anxiety played against him and had him sail his worst race, which he discarded. Notwithstanding, he had won a place in the podium, only a tenth of a point ahead of Hattie, who had also had a bad performance in the last race and descended one place in the ranking, finishing fourth overall and first female helm. (First female crew was Antonia Wilkinson, crew of Jamie Harris)

Julián Finsterbusch and Ignacio Stern

Among the promotional fleeters, the sailing conditions were similar to those of the World Championship fleet and the team Finsterbusch / Stern took the most out of them. Two bullets granted them a well deserved gold, with four first places, three second, a fourth and two DNFs due to capzises in two races (it is worth mentioning that most of the competitors in the promotional fleet are new to the Cadet, and for some this was the first opportunity they'd ever sailed together or in moderate winds) The crews from Great Britain Collingridge / Green and Wootton / Green completed the podium in second and third positions respectively.

We would like to congratulate all the participants and thank those who travel from far away to join us and make this championship possible. No doubts it was a success for everyone.We wish competitors the very best in their future life as sailors, not only for those who will embrace sailing as a sport, but also for those who will practice it just for pleasure. Have a safe trip back home and best wishes for this 2017 that has just begun.

Photo gallery of the third day of races by Jorge Cousillas: http://cadetworld2016.com.ar/fotos1.php?folder=fotos040117

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The Cadet is a boat for two crews, both under 18.

The 50th Cadet World Championship is organised by the Club Náutico Albatros with the support of the Cadet Argetine Association, under the authority of the International Cadet Class Association. The event started on December 26th and goes on till January 4th. There are 61 participating crews from 8 countries (UK, Germany, Czech Republic, Australia, Netherlands, Belgium, Uruguay and Argentina), of which 55 take part in the World Championship (closed event, boats have to qualify to participate) and 6 in the Promotional Regatta (a paralell open event, no qualification required).