Yesterday was the turning point in the championship agenda: on one side the practice race meant the last chance for the sailors to get used to the sailing conditions, make the last tuning adjustments and test speed against other competitors; and for the race committee to evaluate course distances, practice starting time sequences and coordinate roles and procedures.

With regards to the practice race, this one was no exception to the rule: lots of sailors on the course side before the signal, and the leaders of the fleet crossing the extension of the finishing line instead of the line itself (superstition). The winning boat of the World Championship fleet the "Pink Panther", crewed by Leti Rodríguez and Constanza López; and the fist boat in the Promotional fleet was crewed by Angus Collingridge and Emilia Green.

On the other hand the Opening Ceremony marked the official start of the event. With the attendance of many authorities from the cities of San Fernando and San Isidro and institutions like the FAY (Argentine MNA) and neighbouring clubs, apart from competitors, coaches, parents and friends, the ceremony was held in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere and ended with a welcoming coctail for the authorities and drinks and fingerfood for participants and supporters.

Preparations for the ceremony

Today is the first official race, to be sailed in winds from 5 to 10 knots from the East-North East. Good luck to everyone!!