First day of races with light winds from the North in the morning, rotating to the East and increasing in strenght towards the afternoon, which caused a change of positions between the first and second race. The local crews, more used to light winds, mastered in the first race, but the British boats took over in the second race, when the wind reached 12 knots approximately.

Anxiety before the first race of the championhsip led to many boats being on the course side before the starting signal, hence the Race Committee was forced to announce a General Recall. A second starting procedure had to be abandoned due to unstable wind conditions and finally the third attempt ended in the actual start of the first race, with all boats starting correctly. The second race was started with Papa flag in the first attempt, but unfortunately there were five boats over the line, three of which were scored OCS.

Leti and Constanza, winners of the first race
Cara e Ines, winners of the second race

The British crews also dominated in the Promotional Regatta, not only in the second race - windier - but also in the first.

Back on shore, a rock band performed for the sailors at the boat park; and was followed by a Jazz band which entertained competitors and supporters till past 8:00pm.

Photo gallery of the first day of races by Jorge Cousillas:

Results can be viewed in the following links:

World Championship:

Promotional Regatta:


The Cadet is a boat for two crews, both under 18.

The 50th Cadet World Championship is organised by the Club Náutico Albatros with the support of the Cadet Argetine Association, under the authority of the International Cadet Class Association. There are 61 participating crews from 8 countries (UK, Germany, Czech Republic, Australia, Netherlands, Belgium, Uruguay and Argentina), of which 55 take part in the World Championship (closed event, boats have to qualify to participate) and 6 in the Promotional Regatta (a paralell open event, no qualification required).