As every year at the beginning of October, the sailing community of Argentina and South America gathered at the venue of the Yacht Club Argentino located in Darsena Norte, in the port of Buenos Aires. The reason? Participate in one of the most important regional sailing events for one-design classes: the "Buenos Aires Sailing Week" (Semana de Buenos Aires).

Our class saw almost all the local fleet crews and part of the Uruguayan fleet members, (Uruguay is our neighouring country) who took advantage of the event to test their skills against their world contenders.

The championship was held on October 1st, 2nd, 8th, 9th and 10th, during which the 21 crews sailed 12 races. Sailing conditions were superb on most of the days, with fair winds and lot of sun. The crew Plantie/Finsterbusch from Argentina led the ranking since the beginning and won with a convincing 27-point margin over Pruden / Díaz Tamayo, also from Argetina, who finished second overall. Bronze went to Pesallaccia / Días Tamayo, tied in points with Pruden and co. Uruguay was represented by 8 crews, of which the best were Volpe / Vaucher, who finished 10th overall.

Congratulations to all the competitors. We look forward to meeting you all in December!!